Compared to what?

Have you ever found a record that you forgot you had?  And as you pick it up, throw it back in the player, you remember how much you loved it when it came out.  I was recently digging through my garage and found a record that I haven’t seen for some time.  The group Sleeping at Last was a band that really influenced the way that I approached music.

As I listened to it so many memories came flooding back.  I love that about music.  This whole week for me has been dubbed “Sleeping at Last” week.  I have Spotify now and have been listening to all there records. In 2006 they came out with a record called “Keep no Score”.  I had a chance to see them while on tour in Illinois.  I will always remember that show.  Life changing for me.

So as I was listening to that record this week, they have a song called “Heaven Breaks”.  I forgot how powerful that song was for me at one point in my life.  So many good lyrics in that song.  Such good reminders.  If you have a way to listen to this song, stop and do it.  A good way to spend 4 minutes.

My favorite lyric is this…

When heaven meets the earth,
We will have no use for numbers
To measure who are and what we’re worth.

When Heaven meets the earth,
We will have no need for mirrors
To tell us who to be
And where we fit into this awkward point of view.

I feel like God places things in our paths at the right time.  Songs, a verse or friend to that speaks right to our soul.  You know the feeling when it happens to you.  This song came back into my life just at the right time.

I constantly compare what I do with other things of like nature.  I don’t want to, but I do it anyways.  It’s a struggle for me at times to not feel like I failed at something based on numbers or what others look as successful.  Every song I write, record I make I will in moments find myself obsessed with how it fares to other projects or songs out there.  Now I understand that numbers are also a good thing.  Being able to measure things is something that can be helpful.  But when does it get in the way of who God really wants you to be?  When does it become a snare that keeps you trapped in the shadow of others instead of walking in the calling that God has given to you and you alone?

When heaven meets the earth,
We will have no use for numbers
To measure who are and what we’re worth.

There are moments for me in life when I am walking out what I know God wants me to do and I feel very confidant in His plan.  I believe that as Christians we are called to take part in bringing heaven to earth now.  So along with that message we need to be reminded that God loves us not for what we produce, but because He created us.  We don’t need to measure ourselves by standards so restricting, instead we need to measure ourselves in what God says we are.  After all everything good and perfect thing comes from Him.  So we are just the vessels used to communicate what He is saying through us.  In other words I need to resist the temptation to compare myself to other things, because God has called me to do only what I can do alone.

So many times we are so unhappy with what God has given us.  We don’t like the way we look. We don’t think that our job could possibly be that important. etc. We look at what other people are doing and wish that we could have that for ourselves.  But in the economy of God it’s not about coveting what others posses, instead it’s being diligent to steward what God has given us to do and most importantly to be.  The art of being content.

I guess what I am saying is, Heaven in breaking forth into our world everyday.  We pray it to happen.  Let your kingdom come here on earth as it is in Heaven.  And when that collision between Heaven and earth takes place we again receive hope that at the end of the day we do all that do to honor the Creator.  We can look at numbers or mirrors, but it doesn’t end or begin there.  We have a hope that God is in love with us, just as we are with or without what we have or have not.  God just wants us to be us.  He doesn’t compare us to anything or anyone else. He just wants us to love ourselves, our neighbors and most of all Him.



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