Brothers McClurg “You Shine Through” Video Devotional

Hey I am excited we are less than 2 weeks away (Tuesday July 31st) from the Brothers McClurg release of “Join in the Sound”!  Our single “You Shine Through” is available now through iTunes.  Please go download it if you haven’t done it yet.

We thought it would be cool to give our new songs to some amazing people and thinkers that we know and have them flesh out some in-depth thoughts behind the songs on the up coming record.  Sort of like a devotional that goes along with the songs.  “You Shine Through” is our first video devotional and we would love it if you would help spread this video around to all your social media fans if you will.

This devotional is from Dr. Ethan Worthington.  He is an awesome writer and Pastor at Eastern Hills Bible Church in ManliusNY.  You can check out there website here.  Our hope is that you listen to the song and then take part in watching the devotional as it dives a little deeper into the nuts and bolts behind the song.

What would be awesome is if you would like to join in the sound with your own commentary on the devotional.  So much of our Christian journey is to dialogue  about our faith as we work together to all contribute and have a voice in the conversation. So feel free to leave a comment.  Let the conversation begin.

Hope you enjoy.


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