I just need you.

A couple of years ago while visiting some family I was talking to my nephew.  We had gone to church with them and he was walking through the door with some craft that they had done to illustrate some Bible story that he had learned that morning.  Which prompted me to ask him what he had learned that morning in his class.

He began to tell me the story in full detail of David and Goliath.  And how David before he was king had to live in caves because the then King Saul was out to kill him. Now I loved this story as a kid.   What little boy really couldn’t relate with slingshots, or swords and guys fighting one another.  I loved his enthusiasm while telling this story.  So I asked him “What else have you learned in your class?”

My nephew began to recount many, many of the Bible stories that those of us growing up in the church have learned.  But I had an admiration for the stirring that these stories seemed to produce within this little man.  The stories that I’ve heard a hundred times were full of life as they were being retold to me through the mouth of this little guy.

I got home later that night and decided to revisit for myself some of those Bible stories.  You tend to forget the little details and power that they possess.  I began to read about the women at the well with Jesus, Moses walking through the Red Sea and Paul who had a conversion moment on his trip to Damascus.

What I rediscovered as I was revisiting these famous stories is that they all had room for me to relate with the characters in them.  I mean the fear that must have been part of the equation when Moses had to take the first step into the water, hoping that it would part.  Or the feeling of peace and confusion when Jesus tells the women at the well that he can provide her with water that will make her thirsty no more.

So I wrote a song that night called “I just need You”.  And the main point of the song was to remember the stories of Bible, to realize my place within them and go back to the truth that at the end of the day I need Jesus in the story that I’m living out.  In fact the line that sums it up for me is this, “Like a child that’s tired, I may need to climb on your back”.

Stories are powerful reminders of God’s work throughout history.  The stories of the Bible display the power and presence of a God that never leaves us alone in the good moments as well as the bad.  And the minute that we forget to recount the stories of past, is the moment that we lose a little of our anchor or identity.

So let me encourage you today to remember diligently the stories that remind us of who God is.  And may you, as you read or remember them find your place in them and realize that God is with you always, working on the story that you yourself are living out everyday.

Here are the lyrics…

Like David I’ll sing in the valleys and caves of this dark earth

Like Moses I’ll walk through the waters that seem like they won’t part

I’ll lift up my voice and sing all the notes that I know to

It may lack direction, and it may sound a bit out of tune


I just need you

I just need you


Like Jonathans son, I may be cripple with no hope

Like the women at the well, I’m not sure which water to swallow

Like Saul who can’t see and Paul who believed, I will have a past

Like a child that’s tired, I may need to climb on your back


I just need you

I just need you


What if it’s hard, to believe every word that you say

Will You turn Your back, will You let me walk away

There are times that I doubt, and times I believe Your one

So give me Your grace and strengthen my legs for the run


2 thoughts on “I just need you.

  1. This was my favorite of yours from the backyard concert. It resonated in me all of the way home and for the next two days. I was hoping that wasn’t the last time I would hear it! 🙂

    • Shirley says:

      I love that song!! I have your Hymns cd … Love that whole cd … When I first got it … I played it over & over & over. Mercy Seat is awesome too!!!

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