Mowing the lawn and marketing meetings..

I hope that everyone had a great fourth and that as you return to your daily lives you take with you all the fun and importance of the day.

Really excited for a new chapter in my life.  And I wanted to ask for a little help from my friends. So this weeks post is really all about what that new chapter looks like.

Today I have to mow the lawn.  So prayer that I don’t injure myself.  Just kidding.  But then again maybe not.  Pray anyways about that for me, just to be on the safe side.

The Brothers McClurg record comes out in a few short weeks.  July 31st to be exact.  So today after I get done mowing the lawn I have a marketing meeting with the label to strategize a plan.  Pray that God really does give us wisdom and ideas on how to make this record successful.  That it will reach people in the timing that they need.  And that the songs will provide them with the hope of Christ.  We can plan and plan, but I really believe unless the plan in covered in prayer, it’s not worth the time.

Please pray that this record will sell.  And if you can plan on buying it off of iTunes or our website on July 31st.  Tell your friends, talk about it on Facebook, twitter etc.  I can already hear my friends as I write this making fun of me for sounding a bit desperate.  And in a way I guess I am.  But at the same time I really do believe in this project.  I believe that God has blessed these songs and I really do want the world to hear them.  So if you need help I have always been taught to ask.  So this is me asking… Help!?

As we (Brothers) move into the fall pray that God will direct us to venues to share these songs live with people who need to hear them.  And pray that we can find ourselves a bus that will transport us all there.  We are still without a bus and are looking. But you know how that is, you don’t want to buy a lemon.  So pray that God will open the doors for us to travel where he leads and that we don’t have to walk or hitch hike there.

I love my church.  Pray that God will continue to move through me and the worship ministry there.  Please pray that God would give us as a team fresh inspiration and vision, so that we can reach more and continue to instill hope in the ones that come already. Northgate is my family and I am very thankful for them.  I am blessed.

Finally pray for my family.  We have gone through some amazing seasons in our lives already.  But pray that as we walk into this journey of promoting a record, that we as family feel passionate about, we would not get weary.  It’s easy to get tired quickly.  So pray that God would give us strength and fortitude to stand on what we know to be true.  And whatever comes our way, that we would take all in stride knowing that God is walking with us.

Again thanks for reading my little letter.  I know that God has placed people in my life that care about me, my family and Brothers McClurg. And so I thought maybe a little window into my world would be helpful as I am asking you to spend a little money on the new record, help us tell the story to others and to pray.  Again joking…but not really.

I love you and thanks.


One thought on “Mowing the lawn and marketing meetings..

  1. Suzie hoisington says:

    You know I’m buying it brother! It’s literally my life blood, my soul and my husband’s living, our family living! Hey, I help make this stuff and I’m even buying it! We’re very unplugged and grassroots! Support these guys and their ministry, they all so appreciate it! Proud of you and love you, your adoring sis in law, Suz! People! Download join in the sound on iTunes or amazon! You will be so glad you did!

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